Who We Are

John and Shelby Morris | Witness Coffee Kansas City

We are John and Shelby Morris, and we are Witness Coffee.

Formerly known as Janie’s Coffee Company, we strive to support coffee farmers, provide the freshest coffee to friends and family and support the work of missions. We believe everyone can make and drink good coffee at home.

Along with our desire to always have good coffee, we want people to know the hope they can have in the gospel of Jesus, because He is the source of our hope and joy. With your purchases, we can support missionaries doing the work to take the Good News to the most unreached parts of this world.

Aside from always having a mug in his hand, John has spent the past fifteen years working as a nurse and Shelby has filled her days with raising and homeschooling our four children. Thank you so much for stopping by and reach out to us with any questions you may have!

Say hello!  Email us: info@witnesscoffeekc.com