Colombia Decaf

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Roast Level: Medium

This coffee is almost certainly different from any other decaffeinated coffee you’ve tried. It is a great comfort cup that also pulls well as espresso.

About the decaffeinating process...

This coffee was decaffeinated at origin using the natural Sugar Cane Ethyl Acetate (EA) process. Ethyl Acetate, the solute used to dissolve caffeine during the process, is derived from fermenting Colombian grown sugar cane. After washing and steaming the beans to open their cell structure, they are washed in an ethyl acetate bath to extract the caffeine. After draining away the ethyl acetate and washing the beans a second time, they are dried back to the 11-12% moisture with which they started. This process does not remove nearly as much flavor from the coffee as other decaffeination methods. In fact, it is found to add sweetness!