Guatemala Rio Ocho

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The Guatemala Rio Ocho is a beautiful coffee that goes well with about any meal or just a nice morning cup of coffee. 

Here is a little history from one of the coffee importers we work with, Kapheh Utz

Martina Bernardo de Martin and her husband Juan Jose are indigenous Mayan coffee producers who speak Mam. Martina is in charge of their family coffee fields and wet mill processing, while Jose coordinates the business. Their coffee is cultivated in the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes mountains of Huehuetenango, approximately 3 hours north of the city of Huehuetenango. The coffee undergoes wet processing at a site amongst the coffee fields before being dried in the sun at their at home artisan wet mill. Processing in the remote area of Rio Ocho brings out fruity flavors and less acidic characteristics similar to that of a natural processed coffee.

This is a medium roasted coffee


Flavor notes: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Brown sugar, black tea